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5–6 October 2023

Co-Creation Symposium

Call Out for Contributions


This symposium aims to explore the concept of co-creation and its application in art, creative health and wellbeing projects.

Co-Creation is a way of working together that enables everyone involved to participate in a reflexive, dynamic process, where inclusivity and equality are central to the outcome.

Co-Creation happens when there is open engagement with all participants, when it is grounded in mutual respect and acknowledges the holistic benefits to all. This way of working means that there is the potential for organic creative growth, enabling connectivity, social equity and equanimity to emerge.

We have observed that, at present, co-creation is considered as an essential component of creative health projects. However, this element is often not fully incorporated by all stakeholders and participants, rather it is seen as an add-on and applied in order to secure resources and label projects as inclusive.

How different might the landscape of creative health be if the concept of co-creation was rooted in lived experience from the outset? In what ways might true co-creation inform a project and its outputs?


We are looking for contributions from creative practitioners, artists, researchers, academics, funders, public health organisations and others to this participatory symposium, to be held in a Central London venue on the 5–6 October 2023.

We invite all contributors to deliver a 25 minute participatory presentation which enables open engagement with the topic and themes identified. Presentations can include creative activities, process driven evaluation and reflections on practice and discourse.

Proposals should be no more than 200 words long and include some details about the practical and participatory nature of the workshop, which will be 25 mins maximum. Please state your intention, your subject area/specialism and any outcomes envisaged.

Please also tell us about yourself, your work, your practice and some relevant background information. No more than 100 words or 3 minutes of audio/video.

Deadline for proposals
30th June 2023

Any questions please contact us on:


You can see a documentation of last year's symposium by downloading the PDF version of The Book of Conversations. This features the reflections of each of the contributors who held workshops.